Productores y comercializadores de calabacín ecológico

Producers of Organic Courgette

The southeast of Spain is a land of growers.

A tradition tied to the soil and to the exportation of products for over four generations created the roots of LQA Thinking Organic; as a producer of organic courgette and cucumber.

Covered crop production allows a precise control of the crop and the resources it consumes, making it one of the most sustainable farming systems in the world.

Sistemas agrícolas más sostenibles del mundo

The sun and climate are great allies; with them we do not require heating and other sources of polluting energy.

Each hectare of crop absorbs as much CO2 as that produced by the emissions of eight cars per day, or covered production also contributes to the reduction of global warming by reflecting sunlight.

Localized irrigation systems consume twenty times less water than open field cultivations.

Our commitment to the environment has led us to use biological control, releasing beneficial insects to fight pests.

Organic waste, earthworm compost

With the organic waste we create earthworm compost developing a sustainable bio-economy.

We obtain freshness and shelf life of up to 3 times greater than other producers, through our Harvest Direct System; the harvest, refrigeration and distribution of our organic produce on the same day.

Under the Andalusia Sun and next to the Mediterranean Sea, we grow organic vegetables, healthy for you and your loved ones.

Freshness, flavor, committed to the environment.



Organic Courgette cultivation

1 An all year round fixed Price

We’re growers working to seasonal programs, guaranteeing a fixed volume to an all year round fixed price.


2 We are able to deliver to pre agreed programmes

We produce across three growing areas, providing a geographical spread which enables us to deliver despite uncertain climatic occurrences.


Harvested Direct. Under a unique harvest field fresh system

3 Harvested Direct. Under a unique harvest field fresh system

We harvest direct on the farm into our customer outer, reducing the age of the product and increasing by 3 times our shelf life to that of our competitors!


Organic courgette cultivation

4 High level of experience and professionalism

We are specialists in growing organic courgette and cucumbers, fourth generation growers, possessing much information and experience also in the health and safety, Quality and environment.


Tasty, the best concentration of minerals and vitamins delivering tasty and flavoursome fruits.
Sustainable, we use natural resources efficiently.  With more than 3000 hours of light we are able to avoid using fossil fuels.

Healthy, protecting the vascular system. Rich in fibre, water and vitamins.

Appropriate for weight loss diets.


Our principles

Sustainable bioeconomy, environmental quality

To promote sustainable agriculture

Promote organic resilience with good agricultural and environmental practices.

Support the rural community to have a decent, inclusive and sustainable livelihood.

Use natural resources efficiently to reduce the environmental footprint.

Promote and develop the sustainable bio economy.  We create our own earthworm and compost.
Collaborate in the development and implementation of clean technologies

Promote the importance of nature for human well-being, as well as the practice of healthy attitudes.


Four generations of farmers

Since the 19th century, a family in love with agriculture and the countryside, with a clear export vocation.

Dedicated to the cultivation of table grapes that were exported to the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA among others.  At a time when the tasks of the field were shared by all members of the family.


We merge experience with innovation

In 2010 José Manuel Escobar, a fourth generation grower with extensive training and experience in agronomy, quality, food safety and the environment.  Decided to go one step further and founded LQA Thinking Organic.

It is precisely his experience in the implementation and inspection of quality, food safety and environmental protocols that confers excellence to LQA products.


We respect the environment and sustainability

We respect agriculture, quite simply because we love it.  We only understand our type of agro activity, that which is committed to environmental and sustainable quality standards.

It is what our land and future generations to come deserve.


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