Producers and Marketers of Organic courgette and cucumber

Calabacín ecológico
Cultivo de calabacín ecológico en Almería

# Thinking Organic

Why do our customers choose us?

We grow organic courgette with passion and with awareness to the environment.

Calabacín ecológico


An all year round fixed Price

We’re growers working to seasonal programs, guaranteeing a fixed volume to an all year round fixed price.


We are able to deliver to pre agreed programmes

We produce across three growing areas, providing a geographical spread which enables us to deliver despite uncertain climatic occurrences.

Calabacín ecológico


Harvest Direct. Under a unique harvest field fresh system

We harvest direct on the farm into our customer outer, reducing the age of the product and increasing by 3 times our shelf life to that of our competitors!


High level of experience and professionalism

We are specialists in growing organic courgette and cucumbers, fourth generation growers, possessing much information and experience also in the health and safety, Quality and environment.

Calabacín ecológico

Merging the good practices of our ancestors with the application of precision agriculture to achieve a quality product with flavour.


The best concentration of minerals and vitamins delivering tasty and flavoursome fruits.


We use natural resources efficiently.  With more than 3000 hours of light we are able to avoid using fossil fuels.


Protecting the vascular system. Rich in fibre, water and vitamins.

Appropriate for weight loss diets.

Training and Organic Agro Tourism

From LQA we encourage sustainable agriculture


We distribute internationally

Commercial department

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Jose M. Escobar
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Administration and Orders

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